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Bento Box Menu

Heading 1

Luxury Bento Box

(Menu No. BL)

- King shrimp and seasonal tempura selection 

 -Giant king prawn and seasonal vegetables cooked in soy sauce stock

- Teriyaki  salmon

- Roast beef with wasabi 

- 6 types of Temari zushi: tuna, salmon, shrimp, grilled eel, seasoned omelette, cucumber and radish

- Savory egg custard

- Dessert : pancake rolls with azuki bean paste, matcha dumplings, fresh fruit

- Japanese green tea

deep fried chicken,

rice, special soy sauce,


6 types of sushi: 

Avocado, paprika, radish, baby corn, cucumber

Tempura of assorted vegetables, konjac steak, deep fried tofu, fresh spring rolls with special sesame soy sauce, edamame beans, vegan sweets and fruits.

100% plant based

3 types of rice ball:

pork with soy sauce,

 spicy tuna mayonnaise,

'Furikake' seasoning 

6 types of sushi: 

Tuna, salmon, shrimp,

roast beef, seasoned omelette,

cucumber and radish 

Bento boxes include:
Tempura of king prawn (except for B4)  and assorted vegetables, 3 or 4 of side dishes,
cake and fruits.

​*The salads, vegetables, accompaniments and desserts which are included in the Bento Boxes may vary depending on the fresh produce of the day. 

​*Menu is subject to change without notice


*Empty Bento boxes must be returned after use, so we will contact you to organize same or next-day collection. 

  Please do not wash any bento boxes, because we will wash them by hand.


* You​ also can choose a disposable plastic bento box for 1 euro discount each (except Menu Q1 and Q2)

Tender deep fried chicken rice

(Menu No. B1)

Mini Tender Deep-Fried Chicken Rice

Tender deep fried chicken rice, spaghetti with tomato sauce, edamame beans, milk agar jelly with fruit.

Please note: minimum order 10 pieces

Nikumaki Onigiri porkrice bowl

(Menu No. B2)

Temari Zushi original Japanese

(Menu No. B3)

Vegan bento box

(Menu No. B4)

Sharing Menu

These bento boxes are great for sharing with friends or for parties.


You​ can choose either a beautiful traditional Bento box or a disposable plastic bento box. Disposable Bento boxes do not need to be returned and have a 1 euro discount each.


  Vegan menu: menus with the         symbol are vegan or can be changed to vegan. 

We will do our best to accommodate your requests as much as possible, so please contact us.



(Menu No. P1)

King prawn and seasonal Tempura Selection with salt

Vegan Version: Baby Corn Tempura and Onion Tempura 


      Japanese popular menu

(Menu No. P2)

Rodé Vis, deep fried chicken,

`Dashimaki` Japanese-style omelette, `Nikumaki` pork and vegetable rolls


Sushi roll

(Menu No. P3)

5 types of sushi: 

Tuna, seasoned omelette,

cucumber, spicy tuna mayonnaise,


Any combination of the above is possible, please ask


Tender deep fried chicken rice

(Menu No. P4)

Deep fried chicken,

rice, special soy sauce,




`Nikumaki Onigiri' pork rice ball

(Menu No. P5)

4 types of rice ball:

5 pork with soy sauce and chef`s selection rice ball


`Temari Zushi' original Japanese sushi

(Menu No. P6)

6 types of sushi: 

Tuna, salmon, shrimp,

roast beef, seasoned omelette,

cucumber and radish 

*Total 14 pieces

Any combination of the above is possible, please ask


Chicken wing tips

(Menu No. P7)

Spicy fried chicken wings with a sweet-hot sauce, 'Edamame' green soybeans,

`Dashimaki` Japanese-style omelette


HANABUSA popular  3

(Menu No. P8)

Deep fried chicken, Rodé Vis,

 `Nikumaki` pork and vegetable rolls


Fresh spring rolls and Edamame

(Menu No. P9)

Fresh spring rolls with garlic and lemon sauce, 'Edamame' boiled green soybeans


Japanese style vegan menu

(Menu No. P10)

Deep fried aubergine in broth with ginger and shiso, Konjac steak with garlic sauce, Deep fried Tofu


Drink Menu

  • Green tea  (Menu No. D1)  €2.5

  • Oolong tea (Menu No. D2) €2.5 

Side Menu

  • Deep fried chicken 鶏の唐揚げ(Menu No. S1)   €8.00 for 5pcs

  • Spicy fried chicken wings with a sweet-hot sauce 甘辛手羽先(Menu No. S2)   €8.00 for 5pcs

  • Deep fried aubergine in broth with ginger and shiso 茄子の揚げびたし (Menu No. S3)  €7.00 for 5pcs

  • Deep fried tofu 豆腐の唐揚げ(Menu No. S4)  €8.00 for 5pcs

  • Cheese balls チーズボール (Menu No. S5)  €8.00 for 5pcs

  • Mini corn dogs チビアメリカンドッグ (Menu No. S6)  €8.00 for 5pcs

  • `Edamame` green soy beens 枝豆 (Menu No. S7)  €5.00 for 250g

  • Japanese radish salad with sesame seed dressing  大根サラダ (ドレッシング付き) (Menu No. S8) €7.00

  • Potato salad ポテトサラダ(Menu No. S9) €8.00  

  • `Dashimaki` Japanese-style omelette だし巻き(Menu No. S10)  €7.00 for 8pcs

  • Tempura of king prawn 海老の天ぷら (Menu No. S11)  €9.00 for 5pcs

  • Tempura of sweet potato  サツマイモの天ぷら (Menu No. S12)  €6.00 for 5pcs

  • Tempura of squash かぼちゃの天ぷら (Menu No. S13)  €6.00 for 5pcs

  • Tempura of onion 玉ねぎの天ぷら (Menu No. S14)  €6.00 for 5pcs

  • Tempura sauce 天つゆ (Menu No. S15)  Free for order of Tempura

  • Grated radish 大根おろし(Menu No. S16)  Free for order of Tempura or Dashimaki

  • High quality Japanese rice 'Nanatsuboshi Hokkaido' (not cooked) お米 北海道産ななつぼし      (Menu No. S17)  €31.00 for 5kg

Hand-made Cake menu

  • Strawberry Sponge Cake (Menu No. C1)

  • Chocolate Cake (Menu No. C2)

  • Green Tea  (Matcha) Cake (Menu No. C3)

  • Cheese Cake (Menu No. C4)   

All hand-made cakes are 17 cm square

in diameter, which yields 6-8 slices/

servings, and costs €25.

For celebration cakes (birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, baby shower, etc), please let us know if you would like 'Sugar Pick' messages or text for the cake, and 'Birthday Balloon'.

*Submit the request before 7 days than delivery date  

Sugar Pick' Price List

€5 Message (for each 15 letters) - 15文字までのメッセージ、イベントに合った当店お任せ品

€10 Simple Characters シンプルなキャラクターなど

​€15 Detailed Characters  上記以外のオーダメイド

Birthday Balloon

€6 for 1pc 

€15 for 3pcs

€20 for 5pcs


​Sugar pick(メッセージ付き可)やBallonで更に華やかに!



'Sugar Pick' is fun decoration for your cake! Each 'Sugar Pick' is handmade, 100% edible, and completely safe for children.

Delivery Hours

Monday - Saturday

 11:30 -14:00, 17:00 -19:00 


Order from here
*Submit this form not later than 4pm on the day before delivery date

 Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Schiphol, Hoofddorp,

Uithoorn, Amsterdam Zuid/Nieuw-West/Zuidoost

Delivery Costs

 4€(Free delivery on orders of 40€ or more)

HANABUSA BENTO can deliver only 30pcs /day

because everything is handmade

by a Japanese artisanone by one.

Please understand if we decline your order

because the maximum order has been reached.


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